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Jewellery care

All our items are handmade in-house by a small team of two and are either hand-poured or brushed with resin. As such, below are some easy care instructions to help look after your jewellery and keep it in great condition


  • Store your jewellery in a pouch or box away

  • Keep away from prolonged direct sunlight and humidity

  • Clean gently with a soft cloth

  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals and cleaning products 

  • Do not to sleep, shower or exercise with your jewellery

  • Avoid dropping your jewellery onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece

  • It is best to remove your jewellery before using sprays, creams including soap, perfume, moisturiser and suncream


All our jewellery is handmade and undergoes careful quality control before being shipped out.However, faults can occur or jewellery can be damaged in the post. All items have a 7 day warranty period. If your order is faulty, we will repair or replace it free of charge. At the current moment, we are unable to repair any items as long as they are not faulty and within the 7 day warranty period. If the item is faulty please email us at: contact@totsukuru.com with pictures of the faulty items for us to see what has happened


Lost Jewellery

If for any reason you lose a component or an individual part of your jewellery, please send us an email to contact@totsukuru.com and we’ll do our best to help.

We are unable to provide returns and exchanges on damage jewellery that is due to wear and tear. However, we can  make individual earrings if required. As this is not our fault, you will need to cover any postage costs.